Sunday, November 29, 2015

7 Seater Maxiab

7 Seater Maxicab Singapore

Year end is the most busiest time of the year for all  travellers, There is alot of work that is needed to be done, booking of flight tickets, booking of hotel, changing currencies and MOST IMPORTANLY arranging your transport to and fro the airport.  That is where MrMaxicab Services comes into the picture. We offer large luxurious 7 seater maxicab for Singapore Airport Departure & Arrival Transfers at an affordable price without burning a hole in your pocket.

Why a 7 seater Maxicab

The seating configurations of our 7 seater maxicab offers a wide leg room and a large booth space for all your luggages. Our rates are calculated in a way that its cost efficient for our clients, in comparison to taking 2-3 normal taxis to from the Airport . It is also much more fun travelling with all your friends or family members in the same car. It is also easier to make a booking for a 7 seater maxicab then to make a booking for 3 taxis especially during the peak hours.

We Serve Passengers On Wheelchairs 
A maximum of 4 passengers is with an addition of 1 wheelchair bound passenger fits comfortably with their luggages into our 7 seater maxicab.  Even with 4 passengers and a wheelchair we still have space in the booth of our 7 seater maxicab for 5 standard size luggages. With high roof and large cabin space, you no longer have to worry travelling with a wheelchair bound family member/friend.

How to book a 7 seater maxicab

Booking a 7 seater maxicab with MrMaxicab is simple, There are a few ways to making a hassle free booking with us. You can Call/SMS/WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber us at (+65) 9800 5545. We usually reply to phone request within 15 minutes. You may also consider booking through our online booking system, and within 1 hour of sending the booking form, our friendly customer service will drop you a personalised confirmation message to your email/ mobile within 1 hour.

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